I've been an RPG fan since the early C64 days, and coupled with a love of writing, it has followed me through wherever I go. Close to three years ago I pretty much gave up on over 20 years of PC gaming due to too many bugs and draconian DRM systems. Bought an XBOX 360, moved to the couch, and haven't looked back since.

Half a year after happily button-mashing away care-free, achievements came in the night and took my soul. Luckily I dodged the gamerscore bullet, but as a side-effect statistics like the number of completed games, completion percentage, and where I stand on the leaderboards is alpha omega.

More so in the Role-Playing genre. The Role-Playing Grind was born on as a way to ramble away on the RPGs I were playing. Traditionally huge complex games that stand their time long after the latest fad have dwindled away. Adding to the knowledge base, finding new and easier solutions, and discussing the games we love is key.

After I have completed a RPG, to 100% achievements, I will share my thoughts in a review style matter with some important aspects, like how the achievements are designed, how difficult they are, as well as offer up tips and guides as we go. Hope you all find a use for this =)

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