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Gamehelp: Venetica: High Esteem Achievement

Having trouble reaching more than 2000 reputation in Venetica? Well, try this guide on for size. Full listing of every quest and action that gives you reputation.

Reputation is earned by completing quests and doing certain tasks, but not always and more often than not you can screw this up royally early in the game by completing quest goals before having the quest in your log and thus voiding the reputation gain.

High Esteem (20)
Earn 2000 reputation points

These are all the quests I got my achievement from and I double checked everyone so they always gave the listed amount of reputation. Also keep in mind that some of these are from completing quests for the Order, a faction you need to join for one play-through anyway. It might be that you get a similar gain from the other factions, but I can’t confirm that.

Be aware that you can loose reputation by stealing and refusing to leave houses when you are caught. Always keep continual saves at hand as you can see you have virtually no extra reputation to go on if you want to hit 2000.

If you notice anything else giving reputation, let me know and I’ll add it. Also notice that I don’t list the quests that doesn’t give reputation and that there are many more quests around. Once you aquire a quest from this list, save and make sure you get the reputation gain.

Outside Venice Gain
An Adequate Smithy 50   With the papers
Outer City
The Order of the Holy Seal 30   Become a member and get the shield
Damage Underground 100
The Gripper Queen 100
A Gardener's Nightmare 50
Clear Sky in the Outer City 50   From Crow
Chasing Bandits in the Outer City 100
False Accusations 30   Threaten, accept 300 gold, or duel
Inner City
Chasing Bandits in the Inner City 100
The Gripper Queen 100   Another one in the Inner City
Clear Sky in the Inner City 50
The Sword of St. Anthony 30
"Half-Brother" Encounter 60   Pay for the service six times
Medicine 50
Captured Citizen 80
Heir to the Mansion 100
On Holy Mission 900   Don't miss this
Lesser Evil 100

  Total Reputation

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